Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility (USA) [R84EE9]

Disc Info ID6 m-date MiB Reg. 1 discs (1438 MiB) -------------------------------------------------------------- R84EE9 2016-03-13 1438 USA Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility -------------------------------------------------------------- Total: 1 disc, 1438 MiB used. System Files cert.bin disc/ disc/header.bin disc/region.bin h3.bin sys/ sys/apploader.img sys/bi2.bin sys/boot.bin sys/fst.bin sys/main.dol ticket.bin tmd.bin Game Files 2d/ 2d/controller/ 2d/controller/controller.tpl 2d/controller/hatena.tpl 2d/count/ 2d/count/count.tpl 2d/count/count_1.tpl 2d/image/ 2d/image/IMG_00.tpl 2d/image/IMG_01.tpl 2d/image/IMG_02.tpl … Continue reading Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility (USA) [R84EE9]

The Sims – Bustin Out (USA) [G4ME69]

Disc Info ID6 m-date MiB Reg. 1 discs (1335 MiB) ------------------------------------------------- G4ME69 2016-10-25 1335 USA The Sims Bustin' Out ------------------------------------------------- Total: 1 disc, 1335 MiB used. System Files apploader.img bi2.bin boot.bin fst.bin main.dol Game Files animatio.arc audiostr.arc binaries.arc characte.arc datasets.arc diskimage.sn flashes.arc fonts.arc index.ind index1.ind levels.arc models.arc movies.arc ngcbanner.tpl ngcicon.tpl opening.bnr particle.arc quickdat.arc rletextu.arc Runtime/ … Continue reading The Sims – Bustin Out (USA) [G4ME69]